Welcome to our website, thank you for visiting! All of our watches are now on eBay and we’ll be adding new pieces there for the time being.

Visit our tl-watches eBay shop to see our full collection.

About our collection

We have acquired our collection of vintage watches at the most reputable auction houses and from private sellers and traders in London and the UK. We specialise in Rolex DateJusts and are eagerly expanding our collection of other Rolex and Tudor models too.

These truly are a special purchase, designed to last a lifetime and beyond. The magnificence of these pieces goes much deeper than their timeless exteriors. The time, energy, materials and unprecedented feats of engineering make these watches something any man or woman will covet.

All watches come with free delivery, beautifully packaged with a soft leather pouch for safe keeping, handmade in North Wales.

A special gift for someone very special.